General Overviews

22 minutes

An introductuction to how Questionmark's platform and services covering: 1) Platform overview; 2) Configuration; 3) People management; 4) Item authoring and management; 5) Assessment authoring and publishing; 6) Exam delivery; 7) Reporting and analytics.

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How safe are your online assessment content and exam results? How secure is the personal information you store? How would a data breach impact your organization’s reputation? Security is an arms race... and your defenses HAVE to be up. 

With a large, security-conscious user base, Questionmark has learned how to keep ahead of the latest threats.  This video provides an overview of how Questionmark builds security into its products from day one.  

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1 minute

Online assessments are convenient, environmentally friendly, and make your job a lot easier. But when it’s not practical to deliver assessments online, printing them on paper may be the best option.

With Printing and Scanning from Questionmark, you get the best of both worlds. Questionmark’s printing and scanning solution enables you to author assessments that your participants can take online AND on paper. Responses can then be scanned, uploaded and scored, and become available for reporting along with results from your online assessments. Plus, Questionmark’s Printing and Scanning works with just about any scanner -- you can print and scan your own bubble sheets, with no expensive hardware or forms to buy.

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This video introduces Live Online Proctoring from Questionmark, which enables you to safely, securely and conveniently deliver exams to candidates while they’re at work or home, eliminating the need for expensive time off, challenging travel or dealing with test centers.

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Quick introduction to Record and Review Proctoring

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Assessment Concepts and Practices


In this video, you'll learn about writing fair, valid, and reliable assessment items. You'll learn tips for writing a good stimulus as well as good choices. The video will take you through a series of example items with problems and show you how to correct them.

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Think you have what it takes to blueprint a test, create the items and author an assessment?  This video walks you through the key steps to developing sound assessments that deliver trustworthy results. 

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This video explains how assessments are so much more than just a test at the end of a training course. You will learn how assessments are used to determine training needs, create training, prepare for a training event, reinforce training, assess knowledge transfer, and slow the forgetting curve after training.    

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Feature Tours and How-to's


An excerpt from the "Introduction to Questionmark" webinar that demonstrates:

  • Creating an assessment title and introduction
  • Selecting items
  • Establishing assessment outcomes and prerequisites
  • Using "jump blocks" for advanced navigation through assessment content

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Demonstration of a Multiple Choice question, including how to embed video, include images, and provide choice-level feedback

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90 seconds

Questionmark maintains a full item version history complete with the option to rollback to a previous version of an item.  This video feature-tour demonstrates how version control works, how to access the use the "revision history" control, and how to "roll back" to a previous version of an item. 

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Video tutorial on creating a "drag-and-drop" question type.  

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Hotspot questions

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Questionmark's responsive design capabilities take the guesswork out of blended delivery. Author an assessment once and then deliver it via many different types of devices—from PCs and Macs to tablets and smart phones.

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Video describing Questionmark's observational assessment capabilities

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2:43 video on setting up and using text highlighting and strikethrough in an assessment.

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Webinar Recordings