Questionmark's Open Assessment Platform

LTI Connector

This page is the starting point for everyone who is interested in the Community Edition of the Questionmark LTI Connector. There are two versions of the connector as the project makes a transition to a new, more powerful integration.  The new connector is being developed in a GitHub project, you should look to that project for information about how to use the connector and post issues there if you have questions, bug reports, etc.  The LTI Connector code may also be of interest to developers who are looking for examples of PHP code that uses Questionmark's APIs.

The older version (sometimes referred to as the 'classic' connector) was developed as an open-source project on OSCELOT.  OSCELOT is closing down as of December 2017 and the legacy code has been migrated to Questionmark's GitHub page for maintenance under the project name lti-qm-oscelot.  The other information about the project, including issues, forum posts and documentation will be archived by OSCELOT but is not likely to remain publicly accessible: