Questionmark's Open Assessment Platform

Projects and connectors

Some integration projects require the use of special purpose connectors that create a bridge between an existing software system and Questionmark technologies. The connectors all build on Questionmark's Open Assessment Platform.

We're developing some of our connectors as freely available Community Editions.

A Community Edition is a freely available version of an integration product distributed under an open source license. Community Edition software is suitable for use directly or as a starting point for your own custom integrations. However, Questionmark does not offer technical support for these releases. For information about software supported by Questionmark, browse our website or talk to one of our customer service representatives.

Connector projects

External projects

The projects listed in this section have been created externally by Questionmark customers or other third-party developers.


qmploaddash a small dashboard that shows the load on a Questionmark environment. It's written in PHP and available under an MIT license. The project was demonstrated at the 2013 Questionmark European Users conference in Barcelona by Gerard Folkerts and Gerrit Heida,​ IT consultants in Education at Wageningen University.

You can download qmploaddash at github.