Questionmark's Open Assessment Platform


Using Questionmark, assessments can be delivered for participants. The answers these participants provide are rolled together into results, representing the scores the participants received on their assessments. These answer and result data are stored in a transactional database optimized for fast data storage, but due to this optimization, reporting from this transactional database is slower and cumbersome. Therefore, the Questionmark Results Warehouse has been developed. This is a database optimized for reading and reporting data, and it can access large amounts of data much more quickly than the transactional database.

Analytics is a module within Questionmark that uses the Results Warehouse to display data in various reports. Because these reports exist within Analytics, the end user cannot modify them beyond setting various filters for the data. To enable end users to access the results and answers stored in the Results Warehouse, Questionmark has added OData feeds to Analytics.

The Results API feeds

The available Results API feeds are:

  • Assessments
  • Topics
  • Questions
  • Questions
  • Choices
  • Outcomes
  • Groups
  • Participants
  • Results
  • Answers
  • TopicScores
  • AssessmentQuestionLinks
  • JTADimensions *
  • JTAPoints *
  • JTAAnswers *

* Available in Perception 5.7+ and OnDemand since the early-2014 release

For more information about the available Results API feeds, including what properties are available in each feed, please refer to the following section of the Results API Guide:

Results API feeds