Questionmark's Open Assessment Platform


Socialtext includes a wiki-centric software platform. The focus of the Socialtext wiki platform is to enable people within a company to collaborate and share information with one another, increasing the company's productivity.

To embed your Perception assessment within your Socialtext wiki page you will need to embed your assessment in an iFrame - you need to embed your iFrame in your HTML code. Once your page is saved your assessment will appear on your Socialtext page.

Remember when creating a new page you want to include an assessment in to use the HTML mode, not the visual mode, to write your page.

The information below will show you how to use the iFrame with a formulated url that will allow you to enter your assessment directly. For more information about creating the iFrame syntax, please refer to the Wiki page:

How do I create a URL that links directly to a Questionmark assessment?

To embed your assessment in your Socialtext wiki page please follow the steps below:

  1. Log into Socialtext.
  2. Click Edit on the page you wish to edit
  3. Click Wiki Text to open the HTML​ editor.
  4. Add the iFrame code. The iFrame code should be similar to the following:

    <iFrame src="http://myserver/perception5/open.php?session=7364859324875647&name=tryout width=100% height=400"> Your browser does not support iFrames.</iFrame>


    Please note that the standard iFrame code to use which you can adapt as you wish is as follows:


    <iFrame="url" width=100% height=400>Your browser does not support iFrames.</iFrame>

  5. Click Save.

Your embedded assessment will now appear on your Socialtext wiki page.