Questionmark's Open Assessment Platform

SAP Connector

To integrate Questionmark Perception with the SAP Enterprise Learning/SAP Learning Solution, you can use the SAP Connector. With the SAP Connector, Perception assessments can be scheduled and taken from SAP Learning Solution. Then, once the Perception assessment has been completed, the results can be returned to SAP Learning Solution.

If you are using Perception version 5.1 you will need to buy the appropriate license.

For further information on integrating Perception with the SAP please refer to How can I integrate Perception with the SAP Learning Solution?

For further information on the installation, configuration and use of QMWISe, please refer to the QMWISe API Guide.

For a list of detailed installation instructions, please refer to the SAP Connector Guide.

For further information on the SAP Connector, please refer to:

For more information on the SAP Connector, please contact Questionmark Technical Services.