Questionmark's Open Assessment Platform


It is possible to embed a Questionmark Perception assessment on a Facebook page. To embed an assessment in a Facebook page, you need to have an app installed that will let you use the URL for an assessment to add that assessment to the page. Esssentially, you'll be adding the assessment to an iFrame within the Facebook page. In this example, we'll be using the Static iFrame Tab app, but there are others that will achieve the same thing. 

It should be noted that Static iFrame Tab is made specifically for Facebook Business pages and will not work with personal Facebook pages/timelines. If you want to embed an assessment on a personal Facebook page/timeline, you'll have to use a different app. For more information about using the Static iFrame Tab app with Facebook Business pages, please refer to:

Can't install apps to Facebook profile

To download the Static iFrame app:

  1. Go to Facebook's search tool and search for "static iframe".
  2. Click on the Static iFrame Tab app.
  3. Click Install Page Tab.
  4. Now you'll be asked which page you want to install the tab on. Select which page(s) you want to add the tab to from the Choose Facebook Pages drop-down list and click Add Page Tab. You might have to also click Authorize the Tab Application.
  5. Once the app is installed, you'll need to configure some settings.
  • The Page Tab Share Settings section allow you to give your page a name and make it easy for your visitors to directly share your survey on their own timelines.
  • The Gate settings allow you to control who can see your embedded survey or assessment.
  • The Tab settings allow you to control the appearance of the box that will appear at the top of the page.
  • The main setting is Page Source, which is where you will enter the URL of your assessment you want to embed.
    • If you select URL and enter the assessment's URL, the page will automatically load the URL. Keep in mind that if you have set up your URL to access open.php with a name and group, or perception.php with an ID and password supplied in the URL, the assessment will launch immediately. If your URL points to perception.php with no login information, or to open.php with no name and group, the appropriate login screen will be displayed.

    You may have a situation where you want to point the URL to open.php and supply a default name and group, but you don't want the assessment to immediately launch. It is possible to provide a link for the user to click when they are ready to proceed. To do this, you need to set "Page Source" to "HTML," and enter the following code in the text box that opens up:

    <a onclick=showSurvey() style="cursor:pointer">Click here to take survey!</a>
    <div id="outside_location"></div>
    <script type="text/javascript">
    function showSurvey() {
    document.getElementById('outside_location').innerHTML = "<iframe src=\"\" name=\"songSurvey\" width=\"100%\" height=\"500\" scrolling=\"auto\"></iframe>";

    Replace with your URL and change "Click here to take survey!" to whatever prompt you want to use.

    Save your settings, and you should see a new box ("tab") at the top of your page. Remember that you can rearrange the tabs by hovering over them and clicking the Edit icon, then swapping locations with another tab.