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How to embed an assessment in a wiki, webpage, or blog

Wikis, webpages, and blogs lend themselves effectively to delivering learning content. They give people the opportunity to contribute, discuss, and consume knowledge. By embedding assessments into these resources, we can not only provide information but also a knowledge check to re-inforce learning and assist in reducing the forgetting curve. In addition, when wikis, webpages, and blogs are used as a job-aid, the person can check their abilities before they return to performing a task.

Implementing solutions like this can improve the user’s experience and create an easy to access and more effective learning environment. Often, embedding assessments in wikis, web pages and blogs can help to improve the users learning experience by:

  • Maintaining a single place to learn and assess yourself
  • Personalizing the process of learning and assessing to ensure the relevance to the learner
  • Focusing the learners’ attention
  • Providing feedback to assist the learner correct misconceptions, practice their memory recall, and provide confidence in what they do actually know

Assessments can also be embedded in wiki, web page or blog platforms to help learners:

  • Create intrigue and identify what they need to learn before they access the learning material. The assessment feedback can even direct the learners to the relevant material in the wiki, web page, or blog.
  • Identify what the learner has successfully learnt/recalled from the learning material they used.

Other benefits of embedding an assessment into these platforms, include:

  • Providing a seamless user experience
  • Giving more focused knowledge sharing based on the results
  • Combining other media within Perception or within the web resource. For example, using a YouTube video with the wiki, web page or blog and/or within the actual assessment at the same time:

Embedding assessments in these platforms can help you to effectively use assessments throughout the learning process. For further information about using assessments in the learning process, please refer to the following white paper:

Assessments Through the Learning Process

The image below is an example of how an assessment template has been customized and delivered as part of a blog post in a seamless way. This particular example shows how an assessment in the form of a quiz has been incorporated in a blog post on the Questionmark blog.

For more information—and to try it out for yourself!—please visit the following page:

Questionmark wiki integration demo area

For information on creating a URL for a Questionmark assessment, please refer to:

How do I create a URL that links directly to a Questionmark assessment? (LINK NEEDED!)