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Embedding a quiz with an iFrame

On this demonstration page we use a simple HTML iFrame element to embed a quick quiz titled Writing Good Test Questions, which was taken from a blog post on this topic. See below for information about how to do this in your own webpages.

You can do this too!

Firstly, compose your quiz and make sure that you set it to Allow open access to assessment. Now take the ID number of the assessment and compose a simple URL of the form:

http://<Your Perception server>/path/to/open.php?session=AssessmentID&name=JaneDoe&group=WebUsers

You might want to vary the name and group details based on the containing page like an HTTP_REFERER. Finally, pop the URL into the iFrame element with appropriate values for the various iFrame attributes and you're done!

The example above uses the following HTML code:

<iframe width="100%" height="500" scrolling="yes" marginwidth="0" frameborder="0" src=" customerid=tryout&name=tryitout&session=5312838858255594" marginheight="0"></iframe>