Questionmark's Open Assessment Platform

Blackboard Connector

Questionmark has created the Blackboard Connector, which is a software link that enables institutions to integrate the assessment management and delivery features of Questionmark with the learning management features of the Blackboard Learn™ Platform.

The use of Blackboard Connector allows institutions to take advantage of the best-of-breed Questionmark assessment technology in concert with Blackboard user, course, content and grade management features, giving a powerful combination of tools that retains the flexibility of Questionmark, and the ease-of-use qualities for which both software solutions are noted.

Through use of the Blackboard Connector, Instructors can seamlessly access Questionmark to create and modify Questionmark assessments and add assessments to their Blackboard course web site. Students can take the assessments from within Blackboard, and afterwards have their answers scored by Questionmark.

The following versions of the Blackboard Connector are available for Questionmark:

  • Blackboard Connector 9, which can be used to connect to Blackboard Learn.
  • Blackboard Connector 8, which can be used to connect to Blackboard Academic Suite 8.

For information about how to install the Blackboard Connectors for Perception, please refer to the releavant guide below: