Questionmark's Open Assessment Platform

How to add an iFrame to an HTML page

The iFrame tag you will need to add to your HTML page will need to specify the following attributes:

  • Height
  • Width
  • Scrolling

The value of these attributes should ensure that your assessment fits within the iFrame within your HTML page. The resulting iFrame tag might look something like this:

<iframe width="100%" height="500" frameborder="0" scrolling="yes" src="http://myserver/perception5/open.php?session=2374857463298714&name=participant&group=anon"></iframe>


src the page you want to display in the iFrame window. This can be any webpage, but the two pages need to be able to access each other—that is to says that if the webpage you want to display the assessment in is outside the firewall, but Perception is installed behind a firewall, the assessment will not display. Instead, an access denied page will be shown.


...determines if the border for the iFrame is to be shown or not. 0 is false (no border), and 1 is true (show border).

width the width (in pixels or percentage of screen) of the iFrame window. This will determine how wide the assessment will display and should be tailored to suit the assessment. For example, if you are using any large graphics the window should be made wider so the no horizontal scrolling needs to occur.

height the height (in pixels or percentage of screen) of the iFrame window. This will determine how much space the assessment window will take up on your screen. You should be sure not to make it too large that participants with a lower screen resolution will need to scroll down twice. Once for the page that the iFrame is embed ed in and secondly for the assessment displayed in the iFrame.


...determines if the iFrame can show scrollbars if the area being displayed in larger than the available space. Yes allows scrollbars, No does not allow scrollbars to be shown. If you select No, scrollbars could still be shown inside the iFrame, because the Perception assessment templates are designed to do this if the screen area is smaller than the template limit.