Questionmark's Open Assessment Platform

Application Programming Interfaces (APIs)

Questionmark's Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) allow integrations between Questionmark technologies and third-party applications.

Results API

Based on the Open Data Protocol, Questionmark's Results API is a REST-ful data service that can be used to retrieve result data from a user's Results Warehouse. The Results API allows customers to import result data into statistical analysis tools like Microsoft Excel and create reportlets to help them analyze their data.

QMWISe (Questionmark Web Integration Services environment)

QMWISe is a web-service interface to Questionmark based on SOAP messaging. QMWISe provides a secure interface to the Questionmark database.

PIP (Perception Integration Protocol)

PIP is a lightweight interface to Questionmark's delivery system. PIP files provide assessment launch and callback capabilities using HTTP query strings and Questionmark variables. PIP is also used to enable support for SCORM and AICC protocols.


Results API dashboards and tutorials

The Results API tutorials and dashboards show developers how to use the Results API feeds and also provides sample dashboard code. The dashboards are a good starting point to see the power of the Results API using your own data (this requires a login).

Click here to access the Results API tutorials and dashboards.

Ideas and demonstrations