Webinar Recording: Writing Multiple Choice questions to effectively measure outcomes

Multiple-choice assessments can cause major headaches for L&D, the organization, and individual test takers. One of the biggest problems is that they often don't measure what they need to measure. Measuring the wrong things means they waste resources, frustrate users, and don't provide valuable information to the organization.

Research tells us how to assure that assessments measure what they need to measure.  The good news is that these tactics are straight-forward and easy to apply.

During this webinar, you will learn:

  • What multiple-choice questions should measure
  • When you can use multiple-choice questions and when they won't work as well
  • How to write multiple-choice questions that measure needed learning outcomes

Presenter, Patti Shank, PhD, teaches practitioners, instructors, and organizations how to build worthwhile multiple-choice assessments. This one-hour session gives an overview of the needed tactics for valid multiple-choice questions.

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60 minutes