Why do I get an Ajax error when I try to upload a picture? | Questionmark

Why do I get an Ajax error when I try to upload a picture?

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If you receive an Ajax error when you try to upload an image, this is likely to be caused by the file size of the picture. Authoring is designed to handle the following picture formats:

  • PNG
  • GIF

The following table gives a brief description on the ideal use for these image file types:

Picture format

Recommended uses


JPEG images record full-color information, over 16 million colors, and use compression to reduce the file size of the image by removing non-visible colors. JPEG images are good at storing "lifelike" images like photographs that have many tone and color changes.


GIF images can only store 256 colors. However, they provides the best option for simple graphics like, diagrams, where large areas of the image are covered by the same color. GIFs can be compressed in to very small file sizes and even have the ability to be animated or use transparencies.


PNG images are a cross between JPEGs and GIFs. They provide all the streaming facilities and transparencies that GIF images do, but also include the ability to support over 16 million colors.

It is recommended that when using images you keep the file size below 1MB in size. If your image has a larger file size, please use a graphics application to reduce the file size by reducing the dimensions of the picture, the quality, or by moving it to a more appropriate picture format.