What's new in this release?

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Questionmark Perception
Applies to the following Perception versions: 
Perception 5.7
Perception 5.4
Perception 5.1

Questionmark Perception 5 is major new release of Perception and contains many powerful new features. The following table explains the new features that have been added to each of the Perception 5 releases.

Feature Description
Questionmark Perception 5.1
New templates

Perception 5 template files now use industry-standard XML to control the appearance of every screen presented to participants when logging in to Perception and taking assessments.  

Many example template files have been included with Perception 5, each using a different cutting-edge design. Authors can choose to use any one of these templates to deliver their assessments, or instead create new ones of their own. Perception 5 templates provide the flexibility authors need to completely customize the look and feel of assessments. For example, authors can use templates to:

  • Replace the English text presented to participants when they log in to Perception and take an assessment with the text of another language
  • Display a company logo and reflect a corporate style
  • Make assessments more accessible to participants with disabilities
Translation Manager

Translation Manager is a powerful new feature of Enterprise Manager that enables Perception administrators to easily and quickly manage the deployment of assessments in different languages 

New architecture for scalability

Perception 5 has been designed to offer maximum scalability, reliability, and security. This is delivered through a multi-tiered architecture that can be scaled to support the needs of all organizations - from the smallest to the largest.

The multi-tiered architecture of Perception Version 5 is composed of three tiers:

  • Presentation tier presents assessments to participants in a suitable format
  • Perception server tier delivers assessment data from the database server to the presentation tier
  • Database erver tier is the Perception repository containing all assessment data

The new presentation tier uses industry-standard PHP technology to massively increase the scalability, reliability and security of Perception deployments

Blended delivery

Blended delivery is a powerful new feature of Perception 5 that enables assessments to be delivered to participants in the most suitable format. For example, an assessment maybe made available to a group of participants. Using blended delivery, one participant might take the assessment on a PDA, another might take the same assessment with a browser, while others might take the assessment as an email or a PDF.

For the initial release of Perception 5, only browser delivery is supported. Other delivery types will be made available in later releases

Other improvements

In addition to the major new features listed above, many other improvements have been included in Perception 5. These include:

  • More powerful technology
  • Improved assessment tryout
  • Improved installer for Perception Server
  • Improvements to delivering assessments from multiple repositories
  • Improvements to participant authentication
  • Improvements to Perception screens displayed to participant
  • Improved resume and restart of assessments
  • Improvements to Save As You Go
  • New participant tools
Questionmark Perception 5.2
New language options

In addition to the languages available for the delivery of assessments. In Questionmark Perception 5.2 and above, Enterprise Manager has also been translated. Enterprise Manager is available in the following languages:

  • English
  • Spanish
  • French
  • Dutch
  • German
  • Norwegian
Questionmark Perception 5.3
Questionmark Analytics Questionmark Analytics is our new reporting system. The application pulls information from your shared repository and stores it in a specially constructed Results Warehouse. Reports can then be run on these results. Analytics launches with several new course evaluation reports, while others will be added over time.
Updated user interface

An updated user interface has been created to fit in Questionmark Analytics. The new portal-styled user interface allows users to share certain parts of the software with other by allowing them to be embedded in other sites or by providing a direct URL link to that part of the application.

Questionmark Perception 5.4
Workplace observational assessments Workplace assessments are intended to provide a way for observers to asses a participant in their everyday tasks and rate their cognitive knowledge or abilities that would not normally get reflected in answers to a standard assessment.
Avoid previously delivered questions It is now possible to avoid showing participants questions they may have already seen in an earlier attempt of an assessment. You may want to enable this functionality to reduce over-exposure of items or prevent the participant from remembering the questions from a previous attempt.
Print feedback button A Print button can now be added to the feedback screen by way of a template setting. The print button is designed to allow participants to print the feedback they receive.