Webinar recording: 9 risks to test security (and what to do about them)

It matters to society, organizations and individuals that test results are trustable. Tests and exams are used to make important decisions about people and each failure of test security reduces that trustworthiness.

Mitigate Risks to Test Security

Identifying and assessing security threats and their potential for impact is the first step toward developing a sound strategy for risk mitigation.  This webinar explores topics including: 

  • 9 risks to test security before, during and after test delivery
  • Strategies for mitigating security threats such as content theft, identity fraud and cheating
  • Considerations for assessing test security threats and their potential impact on your organization

Presented by John Kleeman, Founder and Executive Director of Questionmark, this session examines both best practice for test security as well as emerging technologies that can make your testing program more secure – and your test results more trustworthy.

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49 minutes