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Using keyboard shortcuts

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This page lists the keyboard shortcuts that are available in Authoring.

General keyboard shortcuts

Authoring can be navigated using certain keyboard shortcuts to either move the cursor or perform a function. This section describes the general keyboard shortcuts available in Authoring.

The table below lists the keys that can be used for general navigation through Authoring. The way that web browsers respond to keyboard navigation depends on the type and version of the browser.

Keyboard shortcut



This can be used to move the focus of an application to the next available object. If used in conjunction with the Shift button it can be used to navigate to the previous object. The Tab key can also be used to navigate through links as well as menus and options contained within the web browser.

Arrow keys

If the web browser window is selected the arrow keys can be used to scroll the page in the chosen direction. If an object is selected, for example an option button, the arrow keys can be used to move between objects that are grouped.

Page Up/Page Down keys

Can be used to scroll a webpage up and down


This can be used to select an object that is in focus, e.g., using the Tab key to move focus to a check box and then pressing the spacebar will place a check mark within the box.

Enter key

Can be used in the same way as the spacebar to select or submit an object when it is in focus