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Upgrading from Perception Version 5.1 on a single server

Applies to the following products: 
Questionmark Perception
Applies to the following Perception versions: 
Perception 5.2
Perception 5.1

If you are upgrading Perception from version 5.1 to version 5.2, you must:

However, before you upgrade you should:

Backing up your templates and other modified files

Perception Version 5.2 adds several minor modification to the template and XSL files that were shipped with Version 5.1. If you have modified any of your templates, XSL or CSS files (If you created new templates, CSS or XSL files you will not need to back them up but it is recommended as good practice) you should create a backup of these so that you can re-apply the changes once Version 5.2 is installed. The following folders are updated/modified when upgrading from Version 5.1 to 5.2:

  • C:\Perception5\Repositories\shared\<MyRepository>\resources\system\css
  • C:\Perception5\Repositories\shared\<MyRepository>\system\defaults
  • C:\Perception5\Repositories\shared\<MyRepository>\system\devices
  • C:\Perception5\Repositories\shared\<MyRepository>\system\templates
  • C:\Perception5\Repositories\shared\<MyRepository>\system\xsl

    Where <MyRepository> is the name of your shared repository

You should backup the content of any of the above folders if you have modified any templates or XSL files for your installation. These files will then need to be copied on top of the upgraded files or in the case of the CSS and XSL files any modifications you made will need to be reapplied to the upgraded files.

Restarting your Perception Server

You should restart your Perception Server before attempting an upgrade. This will ensure that no one is connected to your Perception instance using a Web browser or Authoring Manager and it ensures that the files being upgraded are not in use.

You will need to restart your Perception Server before attempting to upgrade from Perception Version 5.1. Not restarting your server prior to upgrading could cause the upgrade to fail due necessary files being in use at the time of upgrade.

Run the installer

Download the installer on to your Perception server running Version 5.1. You can download the latest version of Perception from the My Downloads page on theQuestionmark web site.

The install application will guide you through each step in the upgrade process, prompting you to specify your preferences at each stage. You must be logged in to Windows as a local system Administrator. If you do not have these privileges Perception Server will not install correctly. Alternatively, if you know the administrator user name and password but are not logged in as that user you can right click on the install application and select Run As Administrator. You will be prompted to enter the username and password of a valid administrative user before being able to continue.

To upgrade to Perception Version 5.2:

  1. Launch the installer
  2. Enter the password for the installer. This password should have been sent to you by email. Please contact Questionmark if you have not received this email.
  3. If a previous installation of Perception Version 5 is detected the following message will be displayed. Click Yes on the upgrade message if you have already restarted your server as indicated in the Restarting your Perception Server section above.

    If you have not restarted your server click No, exit the installer and restart your machine before attempting to carry out these instructions.

  4. Click Next > to start the upgrade process and follow the on screen instructions
  5. If you installed Perception Version 5.1 in a:
    • Single server environment select Typical
    • Multi-tiered environment select Custom and choose the specific part of Perception that is installed on the current server

  6. Click Next >
  7. Make sure the Install Questionmark Perception Server 5.2 to text-box points to the current location where Version 5.1 is installed. Select Browse to change this if you installed Perception Version 5.1 in a non-default location
  8. Make sure the Install Repository Files to text-box points to where your current Version 5.1 repository files are located. Select Browse to change this if you installed Perception Version 5.1 repository files to a non-default location or you previously upgraded from Perception Version 4

  9. Click Next > to continue
  10. Define the root URL used by the Perception Server by selecting User Defined and entering a valid domain name for the Perception Server or select This Computer if the server is connected to using the computer name

  11. Click Install to start the upgrade process
  12. Click OK on the PHP warning message

You may be asked to restart your computers to make all the necessary changes. We suggest that you upgrade your shared repository before restarting the machine.

Upgrading the Shared Repository

Once the installer has finished upgrading your files you will need to upgrade the shared repository to the latest version.

To do this launch the Shared Repository Manager if it was not already launched by the installer application and complete the following steps:

  1. Select your shared repository that needs upgrading. This will be highlighted in RED

  2. Click Repository Upgrade Wizard... in the Management menu

  3. Enter the Perception administrator username and password. The Repository Upgrade Wizard will start click Next > to continue

  4. Click the Stop IIS and SRS on this machine button and click Next >
  5. The repository should now be upgraded
  6. Once the repository is upgraded you will the asked to Start IIS and SRS on this machine, do so by clicking the button

  7. Click Finish to complete the upgrade

The Repository should now appear in Shared Repository Manager as:

Now that the repository has been upgraded you will need to ensure that the server is correctly configured. You can do this in the Shared Repository Manager by:

  1. Selecting the repository you just upgraded
  2. Click Configure Server... in the Management menu and enter your root system administrator username and password
  3. This will open the Configure Perception Server window

    Check that the Perception Server Application Folder is pointing to the correct installation path. The default is C:\Program Files\Questionmark\Perception5\

  4. Update the Server Application Virtual directories if you installed Perception Version 5.1 to custom virtual folders
  5. Check that the Questionmark to Go settings are enabled and configured, if required
  6. Click OK to make the changes

Your Perception Server should now be upgraded. Please refer to Configuring and verifying to check that it is working as expected.