Taking a secure assessment on an iPad

Applies to the following products: 
Questionmark OnDemand
Questionmark Secure
Questionmark Perception
Questionmark OnPremise
Applies to the following Perception versions: 
Perception 5.7
Perception 5.4
Perception 5.2
Perception 5.1

With Questionmark Secure for iPad, you can take Questionmark Secure assessments on an iPad. For information on downloading and installing Questionmark Secure for iPad, see Installing Questionmark Secure for iPad.

Like the PC and Mac versions of Questionmark Secure, Questionmark Secure for iPad will open automatically whenever your iPad encounters secure Questionmark content. To launch a secure assessment on an iPad:

  1. Tap a URL that links to a Questionmark Secure assessment (this might be on a website, in an email or text message, from an LMS portal, etc.).
  2. Tap Open in Questionmark Secure. You'll see an error message pop up that states a Guided Access session needs to be activated before the assessment will launch. If you haven't already enabled the Guided Access feature on your iPad, see Enabling Guided Access for instructions.
  3. Triple-click the Home button.
  4. Tap the Start button in the upper right-hand corner. A Guided Access session is now running, and the assessment will now launch.
  5. Once you've completed and submitted the assessment, you'll receive a message stating that you've completed the assessment, and at this point you can deactivate the Guided Access session. Triple-click the Home button.
  6. Enter your four-digit Guided Access passcode to deactivate the Guided Access session.
  7. Tap the End button in the upper left-hand corner. You can now exit the Questionmark Secure for iPad app.

Warning: When taking a Questionmark Secure assessment on your iPad, it is important that you do not deactivate the Guided Access session. Deactivating the Guided Access session will automatically submit your assessment. A warning message will be displayed if you attempt to deactivate the Guided Access session while taking an assessment; ignoring this warning message will automatically submit your assessment at whatever point you were at when you deactivated the session, i.e., you will not be able to complete any unanswered portions of the assessment.