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Questionmark Conference 2019: Handouts

Questionmark Conference 2019



Questionmark Conference 2019 Pictures!

An Evening Aboard the Midway

An Evening Aboard the Midway - Questionmark Conference 2019

Conference Sessions and Activities

Questionmark Conference 2019 - Sessions



Features and Functions

Session Title/Description Presenters
Introduction to Questionmark for Beginners Shaun Wilson, Questionmark  Handouts    

Authoring Item: Beyond the Basics (BYOL)

​Rick Ault, Questionmark Handouts    
Authoring Assessments: Beyond the Basics (BYOL)  Rick Ault, Questionmark Handouts    

Customizing the Portal and Participant Experience

Shaun Wilson, Questionmark Handouts    
Questionmark OnDemand for Government David Hunt and Stacy Poll, Questionmark Handouts    

Using Questionmark's Reporting Tools to Analyze Results and Inform Stakeholders

Howard Eisenberg, Questionmark  Handouts    
NextGen Scheduling and Test Security Steve Lay and Bart Hendrickx, Questionmark  Handouts    
Using Questionmark's APIs to Extend and Integrate Steve Lay and Howard Eisenberg, Questionmark Handouts    

Assessments in Practice

Session Title Presenters
Increasing Defensibility of High-Stakes Tests Through Job Analysis Jone Papinchock, Ph.D., FDIC Handouts    
Your PIT Stop for Observational Assessments Vanessa Mosher and Lindsay Logan, PetSmart Handouts    
Lions and Tigers and Bears, Oh My! Traveling From a Consumption-Based Learning Model to a Capability-Based Learning Model Dr. Lynne Key and Nina Agressott, The Nielson Companies



Using Questionmark to Build Microlearning for Photo Estimators Chris Gilbert, Progressive Insurance Handouts    

Applying Best Practices

Session Title Presenters
Essential Elements of Test Security John Kleeman, Questionmark Handouts    
Questionmark - The Total Solution from Course Inception to Course Review Jim Parry, Compass Consultants, LLC Handouts    
Experience API (xAPI) and the Learning Record Store (LRS): Enabling Learning Analytics Rob Chadwick and Jonathan Poltrack, Veracity Technology  Handouts    

Designing Effective Surveys

John Kleeman, Questionmark

Setting Fair, Defensible Cut Scores - More Than One Method to Use

Jim Parry, Compass Consultants, LLC

Using Questionmark Technologies to Identify Knowledge Gaps

Jim Parry, Compass Consultants, LLC


The Basics and Applications of Item Analysis

John Kleeman, Questionmark