Questionmark Conference 2018: Handouts | Questionmark

Questionmark Conference 2018: Handouts

Questionmark Conference 2018:  Assess for Success - Savannah, Georgia - March 6-9, 2018


Handouts for Questionmark Conference 2018

Features and Functions

Session Title/Description Presenters
Introduction to Questionmark for Beginners Rory Northam, Questionmark  Handouts    
​Rick Ault, Questionmark Handouts    
Using the Advanced Editor in Next Gen Authoring  Rick Ault, Questionmark Handouts    

Extending Your Assessment Management Capabilities with Questionmark Apps

Howard Eisenberg and Bart Hendrickx, Questionmark Handouts    
OnDemand for Government David Hunt and Stacy Poll, Questionmark Handouts    

The Next Generation of Test Scheduling and Security

Steve Lay and ​Bart Hendrickx, Questionmark  Handouts    
Upgrading from Perception to Questionmark OnPremise Greg Appel, Questionmark  Handouts    

Assessments in Practice

Applying Best Practices