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Topic outcomes

Applies to the following products: 
Questionmark OnDemand
Questionmark OnDemand for Government
Questionmark OnPremise

On the topic outcomes screen, you can create a new topic outcome. Topic outcomes present specific feedback for a topic after a participant has answered all the questions in a topic. The participant's score for the topic as a whole determines this feedback. A range of topic scores is used to define one or more topic outcomes. For example, a topic score of less than 60% may be used to define a fail topic outcome and one of 60% or more may be used to define a pass topic outcome. There may be one or more topic outcomes associated with a topic but there need not be any. Topic outcomes can be used for reporting, and they give useful information for analyzing how the performance of individual participants or groups of participants varies by topic.​​

You can create a topic outcome for a root topic or a topic within a topic structure.

It's possible to have more than one topic outcome with the same name for the same topic, but two topic outcomes for the same topic cannot have overlapping score ranges.​​

On the topic outcomes screen:

  1. Give the topic outcome a Title (50 characters maximum).
    • The following characters cannot be used when titling a topic outcome:
      • <
      • >
      • "
      • |
      • \
      • '
  2. Provide a score range for the topic outcome (0 is the lower limit and 100 is the upper limit). 
  3. Enter the Feedback you would like displayed when this topic outcome is triggered (512 characters maximum). You can use the Text Formatting toolbar to format the feedback message in any way you wish. Refer to Using the text formatting toolbar for more information on how to do this.
  4. Click Save or save the topic outcome or Cancel to return to the topics screen.

Please be aware that if you've configured an assessment to present questions randomly, any topic feedback will be displayed according to the order the questions were presented to a participant. If you want to define the order of topic feedback, you'll need to disable question randomization and present the questions on an assessment as desired in order to achieve this.