Metatags | Questionmark


Applies to the following products: 
Questionmark OnDemand
Questionmark OnPremise

On this screen (Authoring > Metatags), you can:

Creating metatags

To create a metatag: 

  1. Click New. The "New metatag" screen opens.
  2. Enter a Name for the metatag.
  3. Enter a Description for the metatag.
  4. Select whether the metatag is Mandatory or not. 
    • If this option is selected, the metatag will automatically be assigned to all questions that are created.
  5. In the Values section, click New. The "New value" screen appears. A metatag must have at least one value before it can be saved.
  6. Enter a Name for the metatag value.
    • Selecting the Make default option will make this value the default value for the metatag, meaning it will automatically be selected when the metatag is assigned to a question when the metatag set to mandatory.
  7. Click OK to save the value or Cancel to return to the Metatags screen.
    • To delete a value, tick the checkbox to the left of that value and click Delete.
    • You can change the default value for the metatag by selecting a value and then clicking Toggle default. Only one value can be a metatag's default. If a value is the metatag's default, clicking Toggle default will change its default from true to false, and the metatag will no longer have a default value.
  8. Click Save to save the metatag or Cancel to delete the metatag and return to the Metatags screen.

Once a metatag has been created, it can be assigned when creating or editing a question.

Deleting metatags

To delete one or more metatags:

  1. Select the metatag(s) you want to delete by ticking the checkbox to the left of the metatag(s).
  2. Click Delete.
  3. Confirm that you want to delete the selected metatag(s) by clicking OK or Cancel to abort the deletion.

Viewing metatag information

Use the items per page drop-down list to specify how many metatags to display per page (the options are 510, or 20). If you have more metatags than can displayed on one page, use first, previous, next, and last buttons to navigate between pages.

The following information is displayed:

  • The Name column displays the name of the metatag. 
  • The Mandatory column displays is whether or not the metatag is mandatory.
    • The possible values are true or false.
  • The In use column displays whether or not the metatag has been assigned to a question.
    • The possible values are true or false.
  • The Created on column displays the date the metatag was created on.
  • The Modified on column displays the date the metatag was last modified.
  • The Modified by column displays the author who last modified the metatag.
  • The Description column displays the metatag's description, if it has one.