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Managed installations

Applies to the following products: 
Questionmark OnDemand
Questionmark Perception
Authoring Manager
Applies to the following Perception versions: 
Perception 5.7
Perception 5.4
Perception 5.2
Perception 5.1

Authoring Manager 5 is capable of being unpacked and used in a managed installation. Managed installation are usually controlled by systems like Micorsoft's System Management Server. To use tools like this you need to provide the application as an MSI file and associated support material so that the software can easily automate the installation. This section describes how you can use the standard EXE installer to generate an MSI and support files to use with your network installation software.

To unpack the MSI and support files complete the following steps:

  1. Copy the Authoring Manager installation EXE to a temporary folder on your computer.
  2. Launch the command line prompt and navigate to the folder where you placed the EXE file.
  3. Enter the following in the command line and press Enter: author.exe /a ...where author.exe is the file name of the executable associated with Questionmark Authoring Manager.
  4. Enter the password for the installer. You should have received this in the email that accompanied the download of the installer.
  5. Choose an appropriate Network location to unpack the installer.
  6. Click Install.
  7. Once the process has finished unpacking click Finish.

Now if you navigate to the location you identified in the Network location, above, you should find several folders and an unpacked MSI file. These can now be used to create multiple network installation of Authoring Manager quickly and easily.