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Load balancing Perception Server

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Questionmark Perception
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Perception 5.2
Perception 5.1

A single installation of Perception Server can address the needs of most organizations. However, it is possible to experience speed and reliability benefits by deploying Perception Server in a load balanced environment. If you want to load balance your Perception Servers, please refer to the following guide:

  • Best Practice Guide for Load Balancing

When using load balancing with your Perception Server deployment, the Shared Repository Service and Shared Repository Manager will run on the first installation, while the participant-facing software and Enterprise Manager will run on the other installations. For instructions about how to Load Balance a simple environment, please refer to the following Knowledge Base article:

How do I setup Perception Version 5 for Load Balancing?

Installing multiple copies of Perception Server has licensing implications. Please consult Questionmark to ensure that you are licensed for the number of Perception Server installations that you wish to have

The following diagram represents typical installation of Perception on a single server attached to a database and a multi-server instance connected to a database:

A typical load balanced setup may contain multiple instances of either environment as per the example below.

In the above example the Perception Server and QABS components of Perception are load balanced meaning a request and delivery of data can travel either route and end up in the database. This type of setup allows organizations to increase their bandwidth in terms of assessment simultaneously starting and submitting assessments because the load balancer automatically spreads the load between the available servers. There are many different configurations for a load balanced solutions, please see the Best Practice Guide for Load Balancing for further details.