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Installing on a single server

Applies to the following products: 
Questionmark Perception
Applies to the following Perception versions: 
Perception 5.2
Perception 5.1

The Perception Server install program is available from the Download area of the Questionmark web site. Once it has been downloaded onto the target machine, the install application can be run by double-clicking the install program icon.

Ensure you have completed the steps in Configuring your server to ensure the successful installation of Perception. If you are installing Perception Server on a non-English operating system, please refer to Installing Perception Server on a non-English operating system prior to running the install application.

The install application requires you to enter a password before it will install Perception Server. This password should have been sent to you by email. Please contact Questionmark if you have not received this email.

The install application will guide you through each step in the installation process, prompting you to specify your preferences at each stage. You must be logged in to Windows as a local system Administrator. If you do not have these privileges Perception Server will not install correctly. Alternatively, if you know the administrator user name and password but are not logged in as that user you can right click on the install application and select Run As Administrator. You will be prompted to enter the username and password of a valid administrative user before being able to continue.

To install Perception on a single server:

  1. Launch the installer application as an administrative user, see above for details.
  2. Enter the password to run the installer and click OK.
  3. Click Next > and follow the on screen instructions
  4. To install Perception on a single server select the Typical setup type and click Next >. If you will be installing Perception across multiple servers, please refer to the section Installing a multi-tiered environment

  5. Keep the default folders or select folders to install:
    • Perception Server 5
    • Repository Files

    By clicking Browse for each of the options and selecting an appropriate folder location

  6. Click Next > to continue
  7. If this server is to be accessed externally enter the valid URL for the web server by selecting the User Defined option box and entering the appropriate domain name in the text-box. Otherwise select This Computer

    If you are intending to access the Perception Server using an IP address you must select the User Defined setting and enter the IP address in the text-box. Failure to do so will cause certain functions in Perception to work incorrectly. For example:

    • File upload questions will not work correctly, by not allowing participants to upload answers
    • Links to reports that a participant has access to will not work
  8. Click Next >
  9. Click Install to begin the installation

    A warning will be displayed indicating that PHP will need to be installed before the application will be functional. Ensure you have completed the steps indicated in the Installing PHP section and click OK.

    If you have not yet installed PHP, click OK to install Perception 5 and follow the instructions in the Installing PHP section before attempting to access Perception.

  10. Once the installer has finished copying the necessary files and configuring your system you will be presented with the following screen:

  11. Leave the check-boxes checked and click Finish to:
    • Open a web page with further information about how to configure Perception
    • Launch the Shared Repository Manager to create a repository for your installation. Refer to the section Creating a repository for further details

Now that Perception is installed follow the steps in the following sections to: