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How do I use the Result Uploader for Questionmark to Go?

​If the performance of an assessment is being recorded, the assessment results will be uploaded to Questionmark by the Result Uploader. This will take place automatically as soon as:

  • the assessment is completed with Questionmark to Go Player,
  • and an internet connection is established.

If no internet connection is found, the Result Uploader will continue to try to upload the results until a connection is established. The Result Uploader icon appears in the notification area at the far right of the taskbar, and will display progress messages as results are uploaded. For more information on Questionmark to Go Player, please refer to the following Knowledge Base article:

This Knowledge Base article contains information on:

Configuring the Result Uploader

By right-clicking the Result Uploader icon in the notification area, the following options are available:

Option Select this option to:
Help Display the help page for Result Uploader
About... View technical information for your installation of Result Uploader
Run Player Open Questionmark to Go Player
Show Status View all the results that are ready for upload. Note that while this window is open, the automatic upload process is suspended. You should close the window to resume the process.
​Send Results ​Upload all results that are ready to be uploaded. Note that if no internet connection is present, the operation will not succeed.
​Confirm before sending results Toggle whether or not the Result Uploader will ask for confirmation before uploading results.
​Resume transfer ​Resume the transfer of assessment results
​Exit ​Exit the Result Uploader


The following table describes common issues with Questionmark to Go and how to resolve them:

Issue Resolution
I get an error message when I try to upload results.
You may receive the following message when you attempt to upload results:

"No results were uploaded due to errors. See status dialog box for details."

If this is the case, you will need to refer to the Status box for details. To do so, right-click the Result Uploader icon in the notification area and select Show Status:
For more information on the cause of the error, you can refer to the Result Uploader log file. This file is namedQm2GoUploader.log. If you have installed Questionmark to Go in the default location, the file will be located in the following directory:

C:\Program Files\Questionmark\Questionmark to Go Player\UploaderAppLog

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