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Text Match question

Applies to the following products: 
Questionmark OnDemand
Questionmark OnPremise

On this screen, you can specify the following details for a Text Match question:

Text Match questions allow the participant to type in a single word or a few words to indicate their answer(s). Authors define right or wrong words or phrases in advance by entering one or more acceptable answers.

When you have entered the question wording, choices, and description, we recommend that you check the spelling of your text by clicking Spell check.

The following options are available when saving a question:

  1. Click Save to save all changes and continue editing the question.
  2. Click the drop-down arrow next to the Save button, and then:
    • select Save and new Multiple Choice to save all changes and begin creating a new Multiple Choice question,
    • hover over Save and new..., and then select the type of question to create,
    • or select Save and exit to save all changes, and exit the question editor.

If changes have been made to a question, a revision comment must be entered first before exiting the question editor.

Click Exit to leave the question editor. If any changes have been made to the question, a message appears warning that these changes won't be saved.

Adding the question wording

To create or edit the wording for your question, click where it says Click here to change the question wording and enter the question wording. You can use the text formatting toolbar to present the question wording in any way you wish. Refer to Using the text formatting toolbar for more information on how to do this.

Creating Text Match choices

When creating a Text Match question, you must specify the text that represents the correct choice(s). By default, two Text Match choices are automatically added to the question, but at least one is required.

To enter text that represents the correct choice(s), click Enter new choice text here and enter the desired choice text.

To add an additional choice to the question, click Add scoring in the toolbox. The new choice will be added to the list of choices.

To delete a Text Match choice, click the delete button next to the corresponding question score field for the answer.

Case sensitivity

Select the Case sensitive option so that text entered by a participant must match choice text exactly including casing. By default, this option is selected. 

Unselecting this option requires text entered by a participant to match the answer text but allows its casing to differ.

Scoring choices

To set a score for a Text Match choice, enter the desired score in the corresponding text field. All Text Match choices must be given a score above 0.

To enter a score awarded when text entered by a participant contains no matches, enter the desired score in the Default, no text matches in answer field. By default, this value is 0. So, if this score is set to 5, but the correct Text Match choice awards 20 points, entering an incorrect answer still awards a participant a score of 5.

Showing feedback

Optionally, you can present feedback to participants based on the text they enter to provide more details to the participant about why a particular answer is correct or incorrect. For example, "Sorry, that is not the correct answer. Agoraphobia is the fear of public places."

To present feedback to answers:

  1. Click the Show feedback button.
  2. Under each choice, click Enter optional feedback here, and enter the desired feedback.

Adding a question description

Question descriptions enable you to provide information on the question being created.

To add a description to a question, click Edit question properties, enter the description (200 characters maximum) in the Question description field, and click OK.

If no question description is specified, the question wording will be used as the question description.

Adding a comment box

Adding a comment box to a question enables participants to provide a response to the question. This is particularly useful when creating surveys.

To add a comment box to a question, click Add comment box. A new comment box is added to the bottom of the question.

Once a comment box has been added, entire the desired introduction text in the Add your comment field.