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File Upload question

Applies to the following products: 
Questionmark OnDemand
Questionmark OnPremise

On this screen, you can specify the following details for a File Upload question:

File Upload questions allow participants to upload files up to 5 MB that contain their answers.

When you have entered the question wording and description, it is recommended that you check the spelling of your text. To do so, click the Spell check button.

Once you have checked the spelling of your question, click Save to save your changes and create the File Upload question.

Adding the question wording

To create or edit the wording for your File Upload question, click where it says Click here to change the question wording and enter the question wording you desire. You can use the text formatting toolbar to present the question wording in any way you wish. Refer to Using the text formatting toolbar for more information on how to do this.

Allowing file extensions

You can specify which file formats participants can use to upload their answers. To do this:

  • Leave the File extensions allowed field blank to allow participants to upload any file formats.
  • If you want to specify exactly which file formats participants can upload, enter a comma-separated list of the file formats you would like to allow in the File extensions allowed field, e.g., TXT, DOC.
    • Do not include a period in front of file extensions.
  • Specify the Input width to determine the width of the field that displays the file name once it has been uploaded. By default, this value is 70 characters. To change this value, enter a different number in the Input width field.

File uploads will fail if the size of the file a participant attempts to upload is larger than the 5 MB file size limit or the file extension is not allowed.

Scoring answers

To set a maximum score for the question, enter a numerical value in the Max score field. By default, this value is 1.

Adding feedback

Feedback can be displayed to participants to communicate that their file has been uploaded. The default message is: This question has not yet been scored. If you want to change this message, enter a different message in the Feedback field.

Adding a comment box

Adding a comment box enables participants to provide a response to your File Upload question.

To add a comment box to your File Upload question, click Add comment box. The comment box will be added to the bottom of the question.

You can enter new prompt text for the comment box in the Add your comment field.

Adding a note

All of the users who have permissions to edit a question can add notes to it. Notes will not be shown to participants. To add a note to the question:

  1. Click Add note.
  2. Enter a note in the Note field.
  3. Click Post to post the note. It will appear below any existing notes. All users who have permissions to view and edit the question will be able to see the note.
    • Clicking Clear will remove all of the text in the Note field.