Creating a report

Applies to the following products: 
Questionmark Perception
Applies to the following Perception versions: 
Perception 5.7
Perception 5.4
Perception 5.1

This section will describe how to create an Assessment Overview Report that will provide an overview of results for an assessment. The procedure for creating other types of report is very similar and just as easy: simply select a report type, specify any filters display the report. For more detailed information on how to create reports, please refer to the Perception Version 5 Enterprise Reporter Guide.

To create an Assessment Overview report:

    1. Access Reporter and select Assessment Overview Report
    2. Select a report template from the drop-down list

Report templates define the content of the report and the format in which it will be presented. All public report templates are displayed in the drop-down list, and also non-public report templates that you have permission to view. If you have permission to edit the report template, you can do so by clicking Edit... This opens the Report Manager.

With Report Manager, you can create, edit and delete templates and filters to use with your reports. You can also set the permissions required to view templates, which ensures that only certain people can use specific report templates. Each type of report has its own template, except for the Item Analysis Report, which is fixed. For more information on report templates, including how to edit them, refer to the Perception Version 5 Enterprise Reporter Guide

    1. Select the assessment or assessments you wish to report on - you can report on all the assessments or define a custom list by using the Add and Remove buttons
    2. Select a filter from the drop-down list, or manually specify your filters in the available tabs

You can use filters to specify exactly what results data your report will analyze. For example, you may wish to create a report that analyzes only certain participants, or participants in a particular group, or assessments taken on certain dates

The filter tabs visible to you will depend on the type of report you are creating. For example, in the Assessment Overview Report the following filter tabs are available: Groups, Participants, Special Fields and Dates. Filters can be saved in the repository by clicking the Filter button once you have specified a filter. If you have already saved a filter, you can select it from the Select filter drop-down list

For more information on using filters in reports, please refer to the Perception Version 5 Enterprise Reporter Guide

    1. Click View Report

The report will be generated and displayed in the browser. In the following screenshot we have created a Printable report on a single assessment.

To return to the selection page, click Back. To return to the main Enterprise Reporter screen, click Home