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Editing question properties

Applies to the following products: 
Questionmark OnDemand
Questionmark OnDemand for Government
Questionmark OnPremise

The Question properties dialog allows users to define the following question properties:

Question description

Question descriptions (200 characters maximum) enable you to provide information on the question being created. The question description is also used to identify the questions in Questionmark and in a topic as part of this application. By default, for a new question the question wording is automatically assigned to the description, which you can then change.

Original reference

Original reference is a free-for-all text field that can be used to comment on policy, manual, or any other information that the question is founded upon.

Review status

This is a free-for-all text field that allows users to identify the current state of review. For example, they may include: "Draft," "Reviewed by," or "Approved."

Question status

The question status can be used to determine the delivery status of that question. For example, it may be set to the following:

Delivery status


Displayed in scheduled assessment?


This is a normal question can be used in an assessment. New questions are assigned this status by default.



This is a retired question is retained for historical purposes.



This is an incomplete question that is still being developed.



You can put experimental questions into an assessment to try them out and gain statistics without impacting participants if they are unfair.



A beta question behaves in the same way as a normal question but can be distinguished as a question being beta tested.


To set the status for a question, choose the desired value from the Question Status drop-down list.

Copyright holder

Allows an author to assign a copyright holder for the question. For example, this may be the author who created the question or the organization for which the author works.

To make changes select the appropriate textbox and modify the contents. Once you have made your changes, click Save to apply the changes or Cancel to ignore any changes made.

Once you have clicked Save or Cancel, you will be returned to the question editor screen.

Additionally, the following details are also present in read-only form:

  • Question type is the question type being viewed, e.g., a Multiple Choice question.
  • Question ID number is the question ID as stored in the Questionmark database.
  • Revision ID is the revision ID of the question.
  • Created by lists the author of the question.
  • Created on lists the date the question was originally created.
  • Modified by lists the author to last edit the question.
  • Modified on lists the date the question was last revised.