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Advanced configuration options

Applies to the following products: 
Questionmark Perception
Applies to the following Perception versions: 
Perception 5.2
Perception 5.1

To ensure that Perception is installed correctly on specific system types or to get the best performance out of Perception, you may want to carry out the necessary advanced configuration options. The functionality you can configure is outlined in the following table.

If you will be... Then you need to...
Installing on a non-English operating system Setup Perception to run on non-English operating system
Installing on a 64-bit operating system Ensure that the various components are configured to run in 32-bit emulation mode
Installing Perception on a locked down system Check which access rights are required for Perception
Load balancing Perception Configure Perception to operate in a load-balanced environment
Creating your own webshares Manually create the web shares and assign them to the correct folders
Configuring email services Configure your system to use email services
Running behind a firewall Configure Perception to run behind a firewall
Using SSL Configure your system to use SSL
Using IIS 7 you will need to set application pools to 'Classic' mode Manually setting application pools to use 'Classic' mode 
Using Windows authentication to access your repository Configure Perception and your servers to use Windows authentication with your SQL Server 2005 database
Setting language codes for use with Translation Management System Configure the language codes you want to include for translating content
Installing Perception on Windows Server 2003 and require optimum performance Perform some additional Windows Server 2003 configuration tasks
Installing Perception on Windows Server 2008 and require optimum performance Perform some additional Windows Server 2008 configuration tasks

Note: For standard installations of Perception, you don't need to perform any of these configuration tasks. You should do so only if you will be taking advantage of functionality listed in the table above.