Adding images to questions | Questionmark

Adding images to questions

Applies to the following products: 
Questionmark OnDemand
Questionmark OnPremise

When adding images to a question you should take care to upload the images to the question using the Add image feature rather than copying and pasting the image in to a text area. Copy-and-pasted images are not embedded within the question and may not work when being delivered to participants in an assessment.

To add an image (20 MB maximum) to a question:

  1. In the question editor, select where in the question wording or question choice you want to add the image. This can be in the question wording, choices or feedback.
  2. Click the Add image button in the text formatting toolbar.
  3. Click Browse and navigate to the image file location and select the image you want to add.
  4. Click Open.
  5. You can specify the Height and Width of the image (in pixels) as well as add alternative text for the image in the Alt text field.
  6. Once you have added all the required information, click OK.

The image will then be uploaded and inserted into the question wording or question choice.

The following image types can be used with Authoring:

  • GIF
  • PNG

Other image types are not supported. If you attempt to use a different image type, a warning message will be displayed.