3. Set up your file shares | Questionmark

3. Set up your file shares

Applies to the following products: 
Questionmark Perception
Applies to the following Perception versions: 
Perception 5.4

Make sure to use Windows-based file shares with Perception; Linux-based file shares are not supported and will not function correctly.

Now you will need to create three separate files shares. These will be used to store the configuration files and repository files shared by all the installations of Perception. It is recommended that you create the following shares on a NAS:

  • \\nas\config\
  • \\nas\repository\
  • \\nas\license\

All the computers in your load-balanced environment will need access to the shares and have permissions to read and write to them.

You should ensure that you create a user with IUSR permissions on all the load-balanced machines and the NAS. They should all have the same password to ensure access to the shared files and folders and they should be applied to each of the shared folders on the NAS. To create a user in Windows Server 2008:

  1. Click Start | Administrative Tools | Computer Management
  2. From the System Tools list, click Local Users and Groups | Users
  3. Click New User... from the Action menu
  4. Enter a username and password
  5. Uncheck the User must change password at next logon box
  6. Click Create
  7. Now right-click on the new user you created and click Properties
  8. Select the Member Of tab, and click Add
  9. In the Enter the object names to select textbox enter IIS_IUSRS, and click OK
  10. Click OK to finish creating the user

Repeat these steps on all the load-balanced machines and the NAS computer ensuring you use the same username and password.