2. Create your first Perception server

Applies to the following products: 
Questionmark Perception
Applies to the following Perception versions: 
Perception 5.7

A load-balanced Perception environment will contain more than one instances of Perception that all connect to the same databases, thereby sharing the processing load of delivering assessments and improving performance for participants, as well as authors and administrators.

To create the first Perception server in your load-balanced environment, you will need to:

  1. Install and configure the prerequisites.
  2. Configure PHP.
  3. Install a database to handle the ETL_Temp database on your ETL server.
  4. Configure AppFabric.
  5. Create an ODBC connection to the shared repository database.
  6. Download and install Perception.
  7. Create the Main and Results Warehouse (RW) databases.
  8. Create the ETL_Temp database on your ETL server.
  9. Configure the environment.
  10. Create the shared repository.
  11. Create the database links.
  12. Migrate settings from your Perception server to your ETL server.
  13. Launch Enterprise Manager and start the ETL service.